Short Animated Video: We Know Nothing at All!

A short animated video on how well we know each other. We know nothing at all. Certainly, it is funny, and an amazing video on what we know about our friends on social media, and neighbors.

We all have hundreds and thousand of friends on Social Media. We say hello to our neighbors every day. And what do we know about them?

Discover how Dalilah put the situation to her friend, Alexia, exactly as it is. And she presents Alexia a challenge to tackle.


How will Alexia react?

Let’s see.

Dalilah and Alexia have different points of views

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Ana Rubio-Serrano is an international author. She has written several non-fiction books and articles, published in 9 languages. Ana has also presented her work on Nazism & Holocaust at numerous conferences such as the University of Budapest and the Entesa Judeocristiana de Catalunya. Her book "The Nazis and Evil" came in at #2 out of 52 reads in Soul Book Awards for 2019 and its book cover #40 out of 253 in Book Cover Competition August - As a creative & digital storyteller, Rubio-Serrano authentically connects with the thoughts and feelings of others to motivate and to inspire them toward the desired outcome. Ana is a Doctor Staff Member at the University of Barcelona and served as a visiting Professor at the Faculty of Theology of Catalonia, and at the University of Barcelona.

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