PROFILE YOURSELF: An Amazing Story with ARMANDO LIUSSI DEPAOLI, Digital Consultant

Armando Liusi Depaoli for “Time for Storytelling.”

Skilled business developer, marketing strategy consultant, startup mentor, Marketing MBA Professor, Coauthor of “Mobile Communications”. Cofounder and CEO of Incúbame Startup Incubator. Business troubleshooter.

Ana: First, thank you for taking some time off your busy schedule to answer some questions.

Armando (Mando), how did you get your start as a digital consultant?


Little by little, as always occurs. First, was dealing with IT and Communications. Then, serving digital business and digital communications needs. After the dot-com bubble boomed, social media raised strong and I was in a top spot.

Ana: How do you define your work in 280 characters or less?


I’m usually considered myself a cure for those leaders whose vision of digital business was the old-fashioned way of cried out loud instead of engage with social media, adore technology trends and gain reputation.

Ana: How has your life changed since becoming digital consultant?


Like having a super exposition of your professional work and personal brand. As long as you have a “style-protocol”, everything is under control.

Ana: What do you love about digital consultant the most?


It’s great for me, because is dealing between communications and telecommunications. Business-as-usual encountered with tech!

Ana: General words of wisdom you live by?


Really? Maybe, just “define objectives before putting into action.”

Ana: Imagine you meet today yourself when you were just a child, what would you tell yourself-child?


“You know you deserve it but furthermore, you know you want it. Keep doing your way!”

Ana: Tell us about one secret passion.


Opera. And say no more.

Ana: How do you like to encourage ideas for social media in others?


Showing goals that can only be achieved by socializing content.

Ana: Tell us five ways social media can be good for teens.


  • Great universe to find old content, new content, refreshed content.
  • It’s easy to make friends that share same passions.
  • Nice to relax time.
  • Fun to play creating stories.
  • Top knowledge to megatrends.

Ana: What do you think about applying social media in education as a way to learn at schools?


It is not a good idea, IT’S A GREAT ONE! How else would it be possible to engage with teenagers although?

Ana: Is there any ethical or legal protocol for social media nowadays?


Several. There are countries where you are not allowed to upload and share your minor child’s pictures. And I personally support that initiative, we need to stop kids’ photos to gain visibility.

Ana: Tell us about someone who had lost their reputation on social media and if they could restore it.


Justine Sacco, for example. I wrote about her case at MM: “El bizzarro tweet de @JustineSacco.” Ask people for forgiveness, be honest, start changing, be transparent.

Ana: Think about a demanding client. What made him or her difficult? And how did you successfully interact with this person?


I think that all my clients are demanding ones! 🙂 …but in the end, it’s easy: more demanding, more profitable. I can share a secret: I allow my clients to call be after 10PM. But my consultant hour then will cost 10x flat one.

Ana: Which of the elements -time, family or work- would you be the most difficult to deal with?


We all have 24hs-a-day, then you need to make a bet: distribute your resources, as hard as it sounds. My wife, my son, my friends, my hobbies have a fixed number of hours per week.

Ana: What’s the most rewarding at the end of the day? And why?


Have expectations, meet and overcome them. And recognize it on time. And know how to enjoy that moment.

Ana: What do you think is your gift?


I have an infinite curiosity.

Ana: Do have any upcoming events or announcements you wish to share?


A while ago I opened a Patreon channel and many of those who support me there are expats (the vast majority). So, soon I will create in it, a large English-only video content about digital marketing.

Ana: What’s next for you in the future?


It’s great to teach and to design and to support, but that world is not enough. Back to decision-making position is in the future.

Ana: Thank you, Mando, for this amazing interview.

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