PROFILE YOURSELF: An Amazing Story with William “Boone” Hedgepeth, Author.

William “Boone” Hedgepeth for “Time for Storytelling.”

Greetings to all, I am William “Boone” Hedgepeth, the author of Wild Willful Heart, an iconoclastic memoir of the supernatural, fake religions, the bipolar disorder, American Indian medicine ways, with aspects of American business and history intertwined in the unique story. 

Ana: First, thank you for taking for letting me interviewing you today. I know how busy you are.

William, how did you find your calling to become an author?


I had been writing since a child and was always involved in school newspapers throughout educational life. After an astounding life changing spiritual experience at 33 years of age, in 1993, I began transferring a journal of the earthshaking event into a narrative. Along with some fascinating true stories of life that I had been piling into a shoebox since 18 years of age, I began to recognize patterns and started threaded a story together of the very unusual esoteric events surrounding my life.

William after his first vision quest in 1993, a transformed 33 year old man.

Ana: Where do you get your ideas? What and Who inspires you?


I don’t have to look far for inspiration. You know, I come from a colorful family of eight generations of southern people. The stories and events of just the last two will keep me in paper for years. As a non-denominational Christian I often get ideas from the Holy Ghost.

Ana: What message do you want to get across?


“If you can see to believe, then you will believe what you see”, this original quote is the short and loose theme of my book. There are so many incredible aspects of awareness of this world that few even speak of, even fewer will ever see. But there is a way to get a vision for the purposes of one’s life. Our life is not our own, we were sent here on a mission built by the Creator.

Ana: What is most challenging about what you do?


I have two jobs to make one, normally each year I race to keep them going for a satisfactory income, and the upkeep on our home. As I write during the first week of an American coronavirus pandemic, like so many, I wonder for the future in the time being.

Ana: Imagine you meet today yourself when you were just a child, what would you tell yourself-child?


Hey kid, everything you felt about what was coming was right on. You will do the right things for the right reasons, don’t sweat it. Be confident.

Ana: For you, what makes a great story?


Originality comes first. The story should also inspire in some way and show intelligence. It has to be written and edited well. It has to move along quickly. It needs to be around 200-225 pages max. 

Ana: What do you feel are the most relevant aspects of a successful story?


Originality again. Strong, detailed characters with personality. Good writing and editing. 

Ana: Tell us a story, an anecdote of your writing, presentation of your books (or whatever you would like to share).


In my current work in progress, one of the stories I will offer is a real story of my wild teen years in the 1970s, the night a wealthy friend and I got pretty crazy and I could not stop him from destroying several police cars with a brand new Buick. It upended his life, his family and they moved back north. I include a telling phone call between us after 39 years at the end. It is a tale of how quickly time passes and what happens to people. I love the real stories.

Ana: What does it mean to be an author for you?


I always knew that somehow I would publish a book. For me, this is a hobby, I have no illusions about the numbers of authors and the pie slice of those making a living at this. Still, I take my time to make sure I deliver a quality product to the public. Being an author is a dream fulfilled, and I did it right the first time, and whatever I do next will be benchmark as well, it is about a discipline of excellence. This is legacy. 

Ana: Who do you admire? And why?


I admire the selfless individual with real voice. The truth tellers are the freemen and women.

Ana: I know you celebrate the Soul Book Awards every year. In 2019, my book, “The Nazis & Evil” came in at #2 out of 52 reads, I felt so honored and grateful! Please, could you tell the readers about these Awards?


I have been an empath since a child, getting strong thoughts and impressions of virtually all things, I decided to put this to use. Yes, I do my Soul to Soul Book Awards each year to honor Indie authors I have read and reviewed on Amazon within a given year.

Understand that all books are carefully selected by intuition, but before I read each one there is a prayer to see the heart and soul of both the author and the book. I select the top 1-10 5 star rated books in December and pray over them for a winner, then a ranking, based upon overall skill, presentation, story, power and inspiration. In 2017, we had one winner for 13 books read; 2018, was 1-5 winners out of 37 books read; and 2019, was 1-10 winners with 52 books read. Your book was fabulous both informative with an examination of the nature of darkness and evil with brilliant and fresh eyes!

Ana: If you had to choose one current character of a TV show, whom would you choose and why?


I don’t watch a lot of TV anymore over the past 2-3 years and I really don’t miss it. I do watch some paranormal shows for the search for answers some duly engage, and for the comedy of others. 

Ana: In the case of you have two teleportation devices to travel through time, where will you place them and why?


I would want to see this time a year from now to see what has become of things across the world. The other would be placed on a mountain in 1993, to get a second scathing look at what happened to me on a vision quest.

Ana: What could you not live without?


That is easy, and as we are finding out, toilet paper. And Duke’s Southern mayonnaise.

Ana: Tell us about one secret passion.


If I told it wouldn’t be secret anymore. To be honest, I have no secret passion I am aware of.

Ana: Could you tell us about any life-changing moment in your life?


There have been so many! I’ll go with one the first because it set a pattern for the rest of my life to this point. 1971, 11 years old playing on a tree swing in the Carolina woods I slipped upside down, foot caught in the loop, and my back slammed into a sharp tree root. Very electric pain and then numbness followed. A friend retrieved me from the swing and laid me out on the ground. My legs would not work. I was carried by this tiny friend over his back as he ran with me 3/10th of a mile to my house.

This is the first miracle. Laying in my bed I was terrified about being paralyzed and they were about to take me to the hospital. But my friend was a Christian, and asked if I believed in Jesus. I stammered a yes, but meant it. He laid his hands on my head and told me to get up. I felt my body regenerating with a warmth, and I stood right up. It was a profound moment that I shall never forget and the harbinger of all other supernatural tales found in my book, Wild Willful Heart.

A fantastic journey centered on one man’s quest to find inner peace and truth…

Ana: Finally, let’s talk about your last work and your future plans. 


Unlike anything one has ever read before, Wild Willful Heart is an entertaining fast moving memoir of a relatively common southern man of the last 60 years. Faced with a normal but exciting life growing up in fabulous parts of the south, he is also challenged by physics defying supernatural events occurring in succession right up to this current day.

At 27 years, he diagnosed with bipolar disorder, and another challenging element is added to the story. This devastating revelation leads him into many medical and spiritual avenues in the chase for healing, even a series of American Indian medicine men and mystical world. The text also incorporates the heartrending search in romance for resolution to being alone. The rollercoaster styled book is filled with danger, terror, horror, miracles, and mysteries that endure. You will travel all over America and meet interesting people and places in their times. 

As stated before I am working on a second inspirational real life book of short stories, loosely related to Wild Willful Heart. The stories will be equally bombastic for astonishment and entertainment as my first. 

My third book in the series will be a prequel to my first book, the story of my flamboyant pre-Ranger Army drill instructor/entrepreneur father. It is a perfect companion to the other books due to the strange and mystical circumstances of his life, a life of temporal blessings of wealth, achievement, and incredible conflicts. 

Ana: Thank you, William , for this amazing interview.

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